Dodge deadly blades and leap over terrifying pitfalls to unearth reality-bending artifacts and spells as the Wizkid! Explore a massive castle and its dungeons in this side-scrolling platformer adventure, ultimately preparing to face an enemy beyond the limits of imagination. (Coming this winter)

Our mission

Taco Storm Studio strives to bring our passion and creativity into the world of gaming, thwarting our enemies at every turn.  While we take every opportunity to brag about our incredible capabilities, we hope our actual released games will be pretty good, too.

The team

After a game jam, they faced a powerful storm to get food, proving their unyielding devotion to TACOS!

           •   Share-On (programming)

          •   Ho-Seh (art)

          •   cjdeets (audio)

          •   BaneDeath (programming)

          •   ArrowDanshaku (design)

The Taco Storm members met through different game development organizations, including Society of Play, Dallas IGDA, and GameDevDrinkup.  We hung out for years before we started making games together!